Afternoon Tea at The Bistro - ADULT TICKET PRICE

Bistro At The Cow, 205 E Broadway, Newport

Afternoon Tea At The Bistro ADULT TICKET PRICE $16.99

Friday, January 14 4 PM

"Growing up, one of the things I remember the most is my Grandmother having her afternoon tea - a daily staple in her life. It was to be served in a teacup with a saucer and a few of her favorite cookies or sandwich bites to enjoy, at 4 p.m., right before the evening meal or activity.

Carrying that memory with me, I am excited to share that experience with you by introducing "Afternoon Tea at The Bistro". 

We hope you will be able to attend - and bring a friend or your family and come enjoy a true afternoon tea with us."

~ Denise Naville, Owner of the RC Entertainment and Event Center

Adults 13 and over $16.99 Children 12 and under $13.99

Limit 40 per seating